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Окупанти вручили Семені звинувачення

В анексованому Росією Криму журналісту Миколі Семені 20 січня вручили обвинувальний висновок у справі про "сепаратизм" - Радіо Свобода.

Продукцію до ЄС мають право постачати 277 українських підприємств

На сьогодні 277 українських підприємств мають право постачати свою продукцію до країн Європейського Союзу.

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COMMENTARY: Means, goals and consequences of the pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign

The EU’s East StratCom Task Force was set up by EU High Representative Federica Mogherini in 2015, in response to a request from all 28 EU Heads of Government to “address Russia’s ongoing ...

Putin’s throwback propaganda playbook

Illustration by Christie Chisholm By Yardena Schwartz, Columbia Journalism Review Russian President Vladimir Putin had dreamed of becoming an intelligence agent ever since high school. “What amazed ...
02 November

This Tank Has Become an Icon of Russia’s Secret War in Ukraine..

In any war, certain weapons come symbolize one side in the fighting, specific tactics or political factors. In that spirit, a specific tank has become the icon of Russia’s secret war in Ukraine....

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26 August

Second birth. About new Ukrainan Army. Independence 25..

Ukrainan Ministry of Defence has initiated a project on reincarnation of Ukrainian army, that is currently developing. Well-know Ukrainian web-media "Ukrainian Pravda" has been selected 13 best photos from over than 1000. This exhibition has been...

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24 August

9 reasons to believe that there won't be a full-scale invasion..

There were a lot of rumors and analytical reports in media recently telling on the approaching invasion of the Russian troops to Ukraine and great continental war Russia is being prepared for. Just a lot of information coming from both tabloids and...

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17 May

Ukraine crisis: Key players in eastern unrest..

Two years of war in Donbass passed by but the military conflict is far from it's end. In summer 2014 the BBC delivered an article about the key players of the war. Some of them have been already left the scene however many still have significant...

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28 December

Inside the Ukrainian special forces..

In November 2015 The Washington Post published a large-scale article of Thomas Gibbons-Neff about Ukrainian Special Forces named В«Inside the Ukrainian special forces fight against separatists – and their own governmentВ». We believe it would be...

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06 December

Army of Ukraine: "The Hardened in hell"..

2015 Greetings with Ukrainian Army Day! New fresh video about Ukrainian army....

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