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Мешканці прилеглого до Грибовицького сміттєзвалища села відмовилися від угоди зі Львовом

Депутати села Малехова, що прилягає до Грибовицького сміттєзвалища, не погодились на співпрацю із Львовом в питанні рекультивації полігону твердих побутових відходів.

У Бразилії масова втеча із в’язниці

У результаті повстання, щонайменше 200 арештантів утекли із в’язниці неподалік найбільшого міста Бразилії Сан Паоло, втім більше половини були незабаром затримані.

“We had emotionally charged meeting, dismissed 29 judges,” - Parubii concluded Rada sitting

Verkhovna Rada Speaker Andrii Parubii adjourned the parliament meeting, correspondent for Censor.NET reports. Prior to that, he invited the MPs to observe a minute of silence to commemorate the Babyn ...

Interior Ministry to pass several sheets of Party of Regions off-the-book payments to NABU, - Minister. PHOTO

This was announced by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports. "Today, we are passing several authentic sheets of the slush fund records of the Party of Regions to ...

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Kremlin Watch Monitor. September 27, 2016

Weekly update on Kremlin disinformation efforts Open Call to Democratic Parliaments On 18 September 2016, the Russian authorities have held “parliamentary elections” on the territory of unlawfully ...

Russia Watcher’s Field Guide (Essential!)

Common side effect of discussing Russia and Ukraine This glossary/phrasebook, which contains a random list of key terms, concepts and phrases you must know in order to discuss Russia, originally ...
26 August

Second birth. About new Ukrainan Army. Independence 25..

Ukrainan Ministry of Defence has initiated a project on reincarnation of Ukrainian army, that is currently developing. Well-know Ukrainian web-media "Ukrainian Pravda" has been selected 13 best photos from over than 1000. This exhibition has been...

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24 August

9 reasons to believe that there won't be a full-scale invasion..

There were a lot of rumors and analytical reports in media recently telling on the approaching invasion of the Russian troops to Ukraine and great continental war Russia is being prepared for. Just a lot of information coming from both tabloids and...

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17 May

Ukraine crisis: Key players in eastern unrest..

Two years of war in Donbass passed by but the military conflict is far from it's end. In summer 2014 the BBC delivered an article about the key players of the war. Some of them have been already left the scene however many still have significant...

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28 December

Inside the Ukrainian special forces..

In November 2015 The Washington Post published a large-scale article of Thomas Gibbons-Neff about Ukrainian Special Forces named В«Inside the Ukrainian special forces fight against separatists – and their own governmentВ». We believe it would be...

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06 December

Army of Ukraine: "The Hardened in hell"..

2015 Greetings with Ukrainian Army Day! New fresh video about Ukrainian army....

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06 December

ATO 2014: Donbass batallion in Ilovaysk and other scenes..

Hot summer 2014. Donbass batallion fighting in Ilovaysk and short footage from separatists side....

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