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Hutsuls from Ukraine, Romania, Moldova and Canada to attend festival in Western Ukraine

Hutsuls from Ukraine, Romania, Moldova and Canada will attend the International Hutsul Festival in the town of Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Nord Stream 2 should not jeopardize transit status of Ukraine - German government

The construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline should not endanger the status of Ukraine as transit state.

"We have very clear in mind who our friends are. The US, for sure," - Mogherini rejects Trump "foe" comments

The European Union's foreign policy chief on Monday urged the United States administration to consider its relationships with long-time allies, after the U.S. president accused the EU and NATO of ...

Macedonian PM says pro-Russian forces try to destabilize country, foil it's accession to NATO through funding violent pr ...

Foreigners allied with Russia paid thousands of dollars to spark violence in order to prevent Macedonia from joining NATO.

“Glory to Ukraine” – Croatian football players’ video and FIFA’s reaction provoke a powerful online response and bust a ...

The private video filmed after the Croatia Russia match, FIFA’s reaction to it aimed to please the... The post “Glory to Ukraine” – Croatian football players’ video and FIFA’s ...

Dvořák Prague Festival: Piano Chords of the “Russian World”

The Dvořák Prague International Music Festival will be held in Prague on September 2-21, 2018. First held... The post Dvořák Prague Festival: Piano Chords of the “Russian World” appeared first on ...
15 August

Russo-Georgian war: memories of one soldier..

Zaur Benianidze: on the 8th of August 9 years ago my tanks shot down the convoy of Russian general Khrulev. Currently i continue my war against Putin regime here in Ukraine....

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29 July

Multinational Navy Drills in the Black Sea..

The Ukrainian, British, Turkish and Romanian Navy Forces conducted a multinantional drills similar to PASSEX. The warships involved in the drills were type 45 air-defence destroyer Duncan of the Royal Navy, Turkish "Yildirim" frigate, frigates...

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30 June

How An Entire Nation Became Russia's Test Lab for Cyberwar..

Russian cyberwar against Ukraine seems to flare up recently with the major virus attack utilizing a new variant of Petya - encrypting ransomware that paralyzed operations of many Ukrainian companies on the eve of the Ukrainian holiday -...

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09 February

To be Frozen on Fire. What is going on in Avdiivka?..

Promzona ("Industrial zone") district of Avdiivka is controlled by Ukrainian army from the summer 2014. It serves as a buffer zone between territories controlled by the rebels and Ukrainian Avdiivka. Yasinuvata interchange and road connecting...

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31 January

Avdiivka industiral zone clashes..

In the morning, on 29th of December pro-Russian separatists started assault actions of Avdiivka industrial zone in order to capture positions of the Ukrainian army. Rebels were using 152 and 122 mm artillery guns, 120 and 80 mm mortars, grenade...

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20 January

Ukraine’s conflict with Russia is also financial..

IN THE tense, uncertain days of late 2013, when Ukrainians filled Kyiv’s Independence Square in protest at their government’s turn towards Russia, the then president, Viktor Yanukovych, grabbed a lifeline. To bolster his resolve in resisting the...

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